Fuel Stations; Fuel Pumps, Bathroom Mirrors

Fuel Stations; Fuel Pumps, Bathroom Mirrors2018-03-17T22:58:05+00:00

Gas Pump Protection – TearOff Products™: Developed in Arizona’s harsh sun and ideally suited for fuel dispensers – damaged by carved graffiti or the constant blaring solar rays Ultra Violet (UV) and Infrared (IR) that damage or obscure fuel dispenser digital readout screens.

Bathroom Mirrors – TearOffs protecting your investment, because Vandalism can foster more vandalism. TearOff Products™ protect your customer areas from harmful effects produced by malicious behaviors. TearOffs protect your bathroom mirrors from graffiti, and will extend your asset life cycle while decreasing your maintenance costs. TearOff Products™ are multiple, clear plastic layers, fused together with a laminating adhesive, creating a single lens, with zero distortion.

• Preferred by Facility and Maintenance Professionals
• Installs Quickly, Easily – No Special Tools Required
• Protects Digital Screen Against Sun Burn
• Removes Vandalism, Graphitti
• Promotes a Clean, Safe Environment for Patrons
• Wipes Clean, Scratch Resistant
• 99.99 % Visual Clarity