COVID, or some variation of it, has become a daily concern for commercial production, manufacturers, and retail businesses. Installing plastic partitions, guards, or dividers is the new normal to protect staff and customers during this difficult time. Now, disinfecting areas touched by employees and customers has become a top priority. Unfortunately, over time Lexan, Acrylic, Polycarbonate plastic, or glass surfaces can become damaged, scratched, or foggy by consistent use of solvents and cleaners, especially on clear plastic.

TearOff Products can literally eliminate the costly replacement of protective guards and partitions. TearOff Products are 4-layers of high-density plastic, engineered to withstand the damaging effects of most disinfectants, cleaning products, and caustic chemicals. TearOff products can be cleaned over and over again, potentially hundreds of times, with no scratching, pitting, or clouding. When the time comes simply tear off a layer and the surface is like new.

TearOff Products are available in a number of standard sizes and can be custom-fit to nearly any surface. Call us today to find out how TearOff Products can ease the transition into the new normal to protect and save any company time and money.

• Touch Screen Displays
• Partitions
• Common Public  Areas
• Sneeze Guards
• Counter Surface
• Plastic Windows
• Plastic Doors
• Entry Doors