Laminated Tear Offs vs. Standard Tear Offs

STAX™ by TearOff Products offers a popular solution for safeguarding valuable surfaces like safety glass and plastics. These laminated tear offs provide an effective defense against scratches, abrasions, and other damages. In the realm of multilayer protection film, there are two primary options: laminated tear offs and standard tear offs. Knowing the difference aids in making an informed decision based on specific needs.

Standard tear offs, also called peel-away tear offs, consist of multiple layers of durable film that can be easily peeled away when the top layer wears or gets contaminated. While they protect against scratches and abrasions, standard tear offs may lack the resilience needed for demanding applications.

Standard TearOffs involve placing single layers of clear film one on top of the next, causing decreasing “visual acuity” with each layer. Lightwave distortion occurs between layers, obscuring vision after a certain number of layers. Conversely, laminating layers together into one single lens maintains 100% visual acuity even after stacking multiple layers. Whether it’s a “stack” of 2, 3, 4, or even 7 to 10 layers (for motocross goggles), the lamination process ensures clarity and durability, making laminated tear offs the superior choice.

Laminated Tear Offs offer a Higher Level of Protection and Durability

On the other hand, STAX™ by TearOff Products multilayer protection film laminated tear offs offer a higher level of durability. Made from Dupont material, STAX™ tear offs feature multiple layers of film that are laminated together, creating a stronger and more resilient barrier against damage. The lamination process bonds the layers together, preventing them from separating or delaminating during use. As a result, laminated tear offs are better equipped to withstand harsh environments, abrasive materials, and chemical exposure.

The benefits of laminated tear offs extend beyond their enhanced durability. They provide maximum light levels, ensuring optimal visibility in work environments where visual acuity is critical. Additionally, laminated tear offs promote a safer work environment by reducing the risk of accidents and injuries caused by impaired visibility or damaged surfaces. Their surface coating resists scratching and can be easily cleaned with acetone for paint removal, making maintenance quick and convenient.

In summary, while standard tear offs offer basic protection, STAX™ by TearOff Products multilayer protection film laminated tear offs provide superior durability and resilience, making them the preferred choice for demanding applications. With their enhanced performance and added benefits, laminated tear offs offer peace of mind and long-lasting protection for valuable surfaces.