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Dr. Pepper Inspection Camera

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Inspection Camera Protection Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group Consumer Beverage, Bottling Production line Inspection camera positioned within a glass cabinet seeking protection from syrup spatter. Syrup splatter on inspection camera cabinet forces shutdown for clean-up. 41615SG 4 layer, 16” x 15” TearOff “Stack” designed with full adhesive. Full adhesive allows for wet application.

Tough As Steel

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Now, when I picture a steel worker, it's usually a big. burly guy covered in sweat, wearing a hard hat. So when Three Ladies And A Sign DeSign came knocking, asking us to help them get more life out of their media blast cabinet safety glass, we were blown away at what these gals create

Tenaris Camera’s Get Fast Clean

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Our friends to the South, manufacturer Tenaris Hickman in Arkasas emailed in a new challenge: production line camera's recording the daily operations were becoming obscured because of sprinkles of adhesive fluid were gumming up the camera lens. Codie Anderson got TearOff Products on the job, and in no time, we had 4 layers of protective

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