UTV’s & Recreational

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UTV’s are an exciting way to “get away”. TearOff Products are designed to protect your windscreens and windshields from the harsh and brutal environments encountered on the trail. Rock chips, cracks – the nemesis of glass windshields – can be avoided when you apply a 4 layer stack of TearOffs! Driving a side by side? Plastic Windscreens are pricey and get scratches, sand pitting, swirls – all distracting you from the job of piloting your vehicle. A 4 layer stack of TearOffs will protect that windscreen for months of mud, brush, blowing sand and flying rocks!

• Extends The life Of Your Windshield Glass And Plastic Windscreens
• Provides Maximum Light Levels
• Withstands Chemical Cleaners
• Surface Coating Withstands Abrasive Abuse
• Clean Up With Household Cleaners
• Promotes A Safer Driving Experience
• Wipes clean, resists scratching
• Outlasts Bare Windscreens 10 to 1