At TOP we LOVE UTV’s! Here in the mountains of Arizona, we are out in the Prescott National Forest and Sonoran deserts down south. UTV’s are an exciting way to “get away”. TearOff Products UTV Windshield TearOffs are 3 layers of protection, designed to save your windscreens and windshields from the harsh and brutal environments encountered on the trail. Rock chips lead to cracks – the nemesis of glass windshields! This bummer can be avoided when you apply a 3 layer stack of TearOffs! Plastic Windscreens are pricey, as much as $500 or more. So, getting scratches, sand pitting, swirls can really screw up a good ride. Our 1+3 layer stack of TearOffs – the same combo used by NASCAR teams – will protect that windscreen for months of mud, brush, blowing sand and flying rocks!

• Windscreen Protection For
• Mud Sloggin’
• Hunters Traveling Through Heavy Brush
• Construction Managers Job Site
• Desert Adventures
• Seniors Dodging Harmful UV Sunlight

• Extends The life Of Your Windshields
• Protects Plastic Windscreens
• Provides Maximum Light Levels
• Withstands Chemical Cleaners
• Withstands Abrasive Abuse
• Clean Up With Household Cleaners
• Promotes A Safer Driving
• Wipes clean, resists scratching
• Outlasts Bare Windscreens 10 to 1