STAX™ by TearOff Products are the preferred choice for blast cabinet’s worldwide.

STAX™ by TearOff Products custom-cut, 4-layer, peel away protection film tear offs have become the preferred choice for blast cabinet safety glass worldwide, and the reasons behind their widespread adoption are compelling. Designed to address the unique challenges of blast cabinet environments, these tear offs offer a range of benefits that enhance safety, durability, and operational efficiency.

One of the key advantages of our tear offs is their custom-cut design. Engineered to fit precisely onto blast cabinet safety glass, they ensure a snug and secure fit, minimizing the risk of debris infiltration and providing maximum coverage. This tailored approach not only enhances the effectiveness of the tear offs but also simplifies installation and replacement, allowing operators to maintain optimal visibility and safety within the blast cabinet.

The four-layer construction of our tear offs provides an additional layer of protection, effectively shielding safety glass from scratches, abrasions, and impact damage. Each layer is infused with silica, a durable and resilient material known for its ability to withstand harsh environments and resist chemical corrosion. This ensures that our tear offs can endure the abrasive blasting process while maintaining clarity and integrity, prolonging the lifespan of safety glass and reducing the frequency of replacements.

Furthermore, the peel-away feature adds convenience and efficiency to the maintenance of blast cabinet safety glass. When the top layer of tear offs becomes worn or contaminated, operators can simply peel it away to reveal a fresh, clean surface underneath. This eliminates the need for labor-intensive cleaning or costly replacements, allowing operators to quickly restore visibility and resume operations with minimal downtime.

Visual acuity is critical to work place safety.  See clearly, work safely.

The preference for STAX™ by TearOff Products custom-cut, 4-layer, peel away protection film tear offs extends beyond individual operators to encompass blast cabinet facilities worldwide. With their tailored design, robust construction, and user-friendly features, these tear offs offer a reliable solution for maintaining safety and clarity in blast cabinet environments, making them the preferred choice for operators and facilities around the globe.

80% of our business is making Tear Off “stacks” for Industrial Machinery Lexan and Polycarb Safety windows. Add to that Blast Cabinets, Paint Booths, Chemical Wash Cabinets, Safety Signage, Machine Shields, L.E.D. Light Fixtures.

STAX™ by TearOff Products custom-cut, 4-layer, peel away protection film tear offs:

• Extends the life of your safety glass and plastic windows
• Provides Maximum Light Levels
• Withstands harsh chemical environments
• Surface coating withstands abrasive abuse
• Can be cleaned with Acetone for paint removal
• Promotes a safer work environment
• Wipes clean, resists scratching
• Outlasts traditional peel offs 10 to 1