80% of our business is making TearOff “stacks” for Industrial Machinery Lexan and Polycarb Safety windows. Add to that Blast Cabinets, Paint Booths, Chemical Wash Cabinets, Safety Signage, Machine Shields, L.E.D. Light Fixtures – MAN! Work area productivity can slow or even stop, when you can’t see well… safety becomes compromised. Visual acuity is critical to work place safety. See clearly, work safely.

• Extends the life of your safety glass and plastic windows
• Provides Maximum Light Levels
• Withstands harsh chemical environments
• Surface coating withstands abrasive abuse
• Can be cleaned with Acetone for paint removal
• Promotes a safer work environment
• Wipes clean, resists scratching
• Outlasts traditional peel offs 10 to 1