Heavy Equipment Machinery Window Protection

Distortion Free Quality
Be aware of knockoffs or single layer tear-off which are a simple thin piece of clear polyester. Patented TearOffs are only manufactured by DuPont and made using the highest quality optical grade Mylar™ available. TearOffs are more like a complex optical device, having characteristics found in a camera lens or telescope. Unmatched Durability and Distortion Free Clarity.

TearOff Products are ideally suited for manufacturing, commercial, industrial, municipal or recreational installations increasing safety, saving downtime and reducing replacement costs.

TearOff Products™ are ideally suited for industrial or production environments. Laser-cut custom shapes are made from four layers of high density laminated plastic. Each layer features a defensive silica bead coating (Patented) that protects vision and increases the life of the surface. TearOffs™ are Military Spec have been military tested to withstand hundreds of hours of abuse. Our laminate material, licensed from Racing Optics, performs weekly for NASCAR teams at close to 200 MPH installed on the race car windshields, and can be stacked in 2, 4, 8 or 12 layers!

We started in 2000 working with Racing Optics to introduce laminated TearOffs technology for motorcycle goggle applications. Today, this patented technology is used by all major goggle makers, as well as helmet manufacturers for their face shields. Professional auto racing teams competing in NASCAR and other series now use this technology on their windshields… and so, motorsports performance has advanced. Today, our TearOffs are produced for a multitude of applications, with new and inventive ideas coming in every week.

We make TearOffs for customers in their home workshop, to the U.S. Coast Guard, Army Corps of Engineers, Honeywell and Space X – literally, the sky is the limit. Call or email us with your ideas, and let our team develop TearOffs for you!

• Media Blasting – Simple Workshop Blast Cabinets to Large Blast Rooms
• Heavy Machinery – Mining, Airports, Military, Public Works
• UTV’s – Full Cabin, Full and ½ Windshield
• Law Enforcement – Riot Control, Corrections, SWAT
• Gas Stations – Fuel Pumps, Bathroom Mirrors, Building Windows
• Manufacturing – process cameras, laser scanners, bar code readers