MLB Camera Shield TearOffs


Camera position behind Home plate of Major League Baseball

The Problem

Camera position is in the “line of fire” for fastballs, curves and sliders that zip passed the catchers glove and crash into the protective Lexan cover that shields the expensive camera apparatus. This leaves marring, scratches and other marks on the lens, obscuring the camera’s view, which can affect sensitive readings.

The Solution

DFX Sound Vision applied our 4 layer, 4 mil thick “stack” of TearOffs to their Lexan surface. An impact from a baseball is absorbed by the stack, and any abrasion is captured by the removable layers preventing damage to the camera’s protective lens. The surface layers can be easily cleaned, or removed between innings, before gameplay begins. 4 layers last a full season or longer.


– Maintains visual acuity
– Scratch resistant technology
– Renewable surface
– Absorbs impact energy
– Simple cleaning reduces the need to remove top layer
– Low surface tension releases dirt, scuff marks