Our 4-layer custom TearOffs are preferred by Law Enforcement departments across the nation, for protecting their safety windows from scratching and pitting during tactical operations, and allowing officers to make rapid removal of degraded viewing surfaces. TearOffs are 4 layers of plastic sheet, featuring a proprietary formula that coats the surface and resists chemicals, scratching, hazing, pitting while protecting the view through the safety glass. When the top layer has become obscured, quickly “TearOff” the top layer (actually, more of a “peel-off” process) and reveal a fresh, clear view. Agencies in Denver, Colorado… Waukesha, Wisconsin… San Antonio, Texas… Oakland, California… have all encountered crowd control situations where TearOff’s provided another level of protection for those at risk.


  • Rapid Viewport Clearing
  • Immediate surface protection
  • Provides a sacrificial surface
  • Eliminates expensive safety window replacement
  • Chemical resistant technology
  • Resists scratching and pitting
  • Provides an added protection for the officer
  • Four (4) renewable surfaces