The Kennedy Space Center has 1.7 million visitors a year, many of whom are kids who want to come and enjoy the Planet Play interactive Visitor Center.  Due to extremely high traffic levels in the kids crawl tunnel, they were in need of our STAX™ Peel Away Tear Offs to protect the flooring of those tunnels.

Problem: Crawl Tunnel Lexan floor deterioration from heavy foot traffic

Solution: Small Sections of TearOffs – 24″W x 30″H

Our surface protection film is a peel away tear off “stack” of plastic layers 16 mils thick that creates a barrier between your surface and the hostile environment it’s exposed to.  Our material is made of durable 3mil plastic sheeting, laminated together with 1 mil of proprietary adhesive chemistry.  Each layer’s surface is protected and guards against scratches, pits, and chips. Combined into a 4 layer stack, these layers provide a defense, giving you layers of sacrificial surfaces.