Law Enforcement and Tactical Gear

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make-senseIdeally Suited for Law Enforcement and Tactical Officers who can quickly regain visual acuity and safely return to the task within seconds by pulling away a TearOff layer. TearOffs Products™ are multi layers of high impact, silica coated (4 layer TearOffs only) plastic sheets, engineered to take punishment. TearOffs can protect an officer’s vision from blinding fluids, chemicals, dust and debris. TearOffs extend the life of any tactical safety shield or goggle lens, and decrease labor and replacement costs.

• Distortion Free
• Scratch Resistant
• 100% UV Protection
• High Density Plastic
• Cleans Easily
• 99.9% Visual Acuity
• Prevents scratching and pitting

• Chemical Resistant
• Impact Tested to 200 Mph Military Spec
• Repels Salt & Is Hard Water Resistant
• Available In 2 Or 4 Layers
• Saves on Lens Replacement Costs
• Customized Sizing