Project Title / Client
Glass Bottom Research Vessel / U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Observation vessel with Lexan hull, needs protective surface

U.S. Navy Research Personnel working aboard with deck shoes, equipment bags, miscellaneous tools creating scratches to interior surface of vessel hull, obscuring observation quality.

The Problem
The research vessel is designed with a Lexan (clear) hull. The interior surface is unprotected and suffers from personnel traffic, equipment contact that scuffs, scratches and damages the surface. Lexan is difficult to clean, usually only cleaned with mild dish soap and water, yet still scratches.

The Solution
Client applied our 4 layer, 4 mil thick “stack” of TearOffs to the vessel interior surface, in high traffic area, sacrificing the removable layers and preventing damage to the hull. The surface layers can be easily cleaned, or removed as needed.


  • Scratch resistant technology
  • Renewable surface
  • Maintains visual acuity
  • Reduces significant hull maintenance
  • Simple cleaning reduces the need to remove top layer
  • Chemical resistance