Prototype Racecar Windshield Protection Film Tear Offs



Francis Hu Racing / Precision Composites
Project: Prototype Racecar Canopy
Description: National Auto Sport Series Pacific Elon NP01 Champion is seeking protection for his Lexan canopy on his enclosed cockpit racecar.

The Problem
The racing environment experiences flying gravel for the racing surface, sand and grit from trackside, blowing debris from spectator areas. Competing at high speeds, the impact of the pebbles, sand, grit and other media damages the clear canopy surface, resulting in light refraction and obscured vision.

The Solution
Client applied our 4 layer, 4 mil thick “stack” of TearOffs to the NP01 canopy surface. During heavy traffic, sacrificing the removable layers and preventing damage to the canopy. The surface layers can be easily cleaned, or removed as needed. 4 layers last a full season or longer.



  • Scratch resistant technology
  • Renewable surface
  • Maintains visual acuity
  • Reduces significant canopy maintenance
  • Simple cleaning reduces the need to remove top layer
  • Chemical resistance to motor oils, brake fluids, engine coolants.


Racecar Windshield Vision impairment could be caused by several factors, such as:

  1. Weather Conditions: Poor visibility due to rain, fog, or other adverse weather conditions can lead to accidents.
  2. Mechanical Failures: Issues with a race car’s windshield, mirrors, or other visual components could contribute to impaired vision.
  3. Driver Fatigue or Health Issues: A driver’s personal health, including vision problems, can affect performance and reaction time.
  4. Track Conditions: The condition of the racing surface, debris on the track, or poor track lighting can impact a driver’s ability to see and react.
  5. Human Error: Errors by the driver or other individuals involved in race management can contribute to accidents.
  6. Technical Failures: Failures in electronic systems, sensors, or other technological components may affect a driver’s ability to navigate the track.
  7. External Factors: Unexpected events or obstacles on the track, like animals or objects, can pose challenges to drivers’ vision.


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