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Aerospace Tear Offs in Action

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In the expansive domain of aerospace engineering, every component, no matter how minuscule, holds immense importance in ensuring the safety and efficiency of aircraft and spacecraft. Among these indispensable elements are aerospace tear offs—thin protective layers meticulously crafted to safeguard

Laminated Tear Offs vs. Standard Tear Offs

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Laminated Tear Offs vs. Standard Tear Offs

STAX™ by TearOff Products offers a popular solution for safeguarding valuable surfaces like safety glass and plastics. These laminated tear offs provide an

Anti Microbial Shield / Hormel

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Vending Machines/Disinfecting surface

Employee vending machine push button protective surface

The Problem
Vending machine selection keys require disinfectant spray cleaning. The solution used to disinfect, penetrates into the button electrical contacts, causing the system to

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