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main_tearoffTearOff Products™ are ideally suited for industrial or production environments. Laser-cut custom shapes are made from four layers of high density laminated plastic. Each layer features a defensive silica bead coating (Patented) that protects vision and increases the life of the surface. TearOffs™ are Military Spec have been military tested to withstand hundreds of hours of abuse. Our laminate material, licensed from Racing Optics, performs weekly for NASCAR teams at close to 200 MPH installed on the race car windshields, and can be stacked in 2, 4, 8 or 12 layers!

• High Density Plastic
• 99.9% Visual Acuity
• Prevents Chipping and Pitting
• Simple to Install
• Distortion Free
• Cleans Easily
• Scratch Resistant
• Heat Resistant
• Chemical Resistant

• Hard Water Resistant
• 2 and 4 layer Designs
• Saves replacement window costs
• Repels Salt & Rain Water
• Impact Tested to 200 MPH
• 100% UV and IR Protection
• Custom Sizes and Shapes

The rectangular TearOffs are working great. I’ll have to order the round ones in a larger diameter to fit the lamp housings next time.
Andy Decker , RCL Componants
The TearOff works well, we have had them on our sandblast cabinet for about a month now. We used a new piece of lexan for the window and put the tear-off in the middle. The lexan is frosted, we are still on the first layer and all we’ve done is wipe off the dust off. Nice product.
Ray Penner , Dearborn Inc.
We have a room where we clean the molds with a sand blaster that uses glass beads. After a few weeks the glass gets cloudy, TearOffs give me a clean, clear windshield like a Nascar clean windshield.
Roy A. Kern , Carlisle Transportation Products
TearOffs outlast anything we’ve used before… we use them on everything. The savings gained in productivity is well-worth the cost of the TearOff.
Mike Rollshop, NUCOR Steel
My cabin stays cool during the day because of the UV protection and no more scratches or swirls in my polycarb portholes.
John Owner, 47' Ketch Sailboat